Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolve, its not just a carpet cleaner

Today I was reading a friend's blog and she had listed out some great and reflective questions regarding the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. I know every year many Americans across the country vow to change, make improvements, kick old habits, and in general resolve to alter their current state. They join a gym, join Weight Watchers, sign up for marathons, buy self help books, attend a new yoga class, and then they update their Facebook status to let everyone know they've done it, they've resolved to change!

What you don't necessarily see in the social media forums is why. And most likely, that is none of your business. Why do you need to know the reason behind a girl you knew in high school but haven't talked to in decades deciding to drink only water with every meal. As Salt N Pepa used to sing, "Ain't none of yo' business".

So I thought I'd share the questions my friend, CamieKarma, listed on her blog and answer them in a MeMe sort of style. If you are making resolutions this year and care to share on your blog the reasons why feel free to take this meme and do the same.

what you want to accomplish in 2012:

  • What lessons did I learn in 2011?
In 2011 I learned to overcome some of fears. I believe I truly realized that I'm the only one who holds me back. I spent year's fearing yoga studios. I thought I was not skinny enough or strong enough. I thought I didn't have the right clothes or that my lame Target mat would get laughed out the door. None of that was true. In 2011, I joined up, bought a membership, got a work-study position and began attending classes 3x a week!

I also learned that while I loved my wedding, I never ever want to go through the planning process again. haha

  • What was I grateful for in 2011?
I am grateful that I married a man I truly love, who makes me laugh every day, who feels like home, and whom I look forward to growing old with.

I'm grateful that I finally signed up for a yoga teaching training program and that I found an amazing studio.

I'm grateful that I got a work-study position that allows me to have a free membership at my yoga studio.

I'm grateful for my wonderful family and friends who supported me while I became a terrible version of myself trying to plan a wedding in 5 months.

I'm grateful I got to go to Ireland (a life long dream) and that I went with an awesome travel buddy, my husband.

I'm grateful that I participated in a 10 day detox that allowed me to realize what my body's natural rhythm is. Turns out I'm naturally perky and don't really need coffee.

  • What dreams came true in 2011?
Married my husband
Went to Ireland
Signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training program

  • What would I like to learn in 2012?
I would like to learn how to utilize my core more to move through my yoga poses. Crow, you will be mine in 2012! You hear me!

I would like to learn how to get over my fear of failure and rejection. Its silly really, I've never died from rejection and I've failed a lot, so why do I get caught up in it like its the plague coming to end everything? Silly, Sara.

I would like to learn more about my taxes (sorry that is boring but true!)

  • Who do I want to spend time with this year?
I want to spend more time with my awesome little brother. He'll soon being going off to grad school and he'll be hours away. He's been just 45 mins away for 4 years and I have not made enough effort to just share time with him.

I want to spend time with the people in my life and those I have yet to meet who are full of life. Who make me laugh. And to balance that I do not wish to spend time with the debbie downers, they are weights people. Anchors in a dank ocean. I prefer to sail up high and see the sun :)

  • How do I currently spend my time?
I currently spend my time either with friends and family, reading for yoga, practicing yoga, or catching up on TV while knitting. (watch out, someone's life is supa crazy! Knitting is cool guys, come on.) Oh and I work, blah, not interesting.

  • How do I want to spend my time in 2012?
In 2012 I'd like to spend my time smiling, laughing, and living life. I do not want to spend it worrying.

I hope to teach yoga for the first time in 2012 and while I know I will get nervous/ anxious (palms are sweating thinking about it) I will not allow fear to stop me.

I want to spend some time detoxing. More than once. I read that it was healthy to detox at least twice a year. Clean the liver out a bit, you know? Its not easy but its so good for my body and I can feel a world of difference.

Mostly, I want to spend 2012 focused on my health and well being through a consistent yoga practice and a habit of conscious eating (aka: making smart food decisions).

So, that's it. Those are the questions. Have you asked yourself why you made the resolutions you did?

Much Love,

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  1. What kind of cleanse did you do? Joe & I keep talking about trying one but I haven't found anything I think is doable without spending a bunch of money.